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Upgrading to SOA 12c and details of the next UKOUG Middleware SIG

SOA 12c is the most important release of Oracle's flagship integration product set that we've seen for 5 years (when 11g was launched). Oracle has also now produced the first SOA 12c bundle patch-set ( so in my opinion any new SOA installations should definitely be using 12c, and existing 11g users should be seriously considering upgrading to take advantage of the many new features.

SOA Suite 12c

For administrators what is particularly nice about this release is that a lot of work has clearly been put into the upgrade process, building on some of the changes introduced in WebLogic 12.1.2. The upgrade is actually surprisingly straightforward - in outline you have to:

  • Carefully review pre-requisites and do any purging of old instances
  • Install Fusion Middleware Infrastructure and SOA Suite 12c into a new Oracle home
  • Shut down SOA 11g, backup repository and domain home
  • Run RCU to install the new 12c schemas into the existing repository alongside the 11g ones
  • Run the Upgrade Assistant to upgrade the 11g schemas, including running instance data, to 12c format
  • Run the new Reconfiguration Wizard against the 11g domain home to rewire for the 12c home
  • Run the Upgrade Assistant a second time to upgrade some infrastructure components
  • If you have modified setDomainEnv,sh etc you will need to re-apply the changes
  • Backup repository and domain home, then start up SOA

Of course you may only have short-lived processes so be able to drain down the old SOA 11g system and switch over to a brand new SOA 12c system running in parallel, in which case the above upgrade is probably unnecessary.

The above does not consider migration from SOA Suite 10g to 11g/12c which is much more complicated and, if you've not already done it by now, a project in itself. Plus I've not mentioned Service Bus or BAM yet but we'll describe in more detail in a week's time...

UKOUG Middleware SIG - 25 March 2015 

If you're a UKOUG member and interested in SOA have a look at next week's UKOUG Middleware SIG, themed around SOA 12c

We've split the day into two - during the morning we will have several sessions by Oracle's Yogesh Sontakke and Sid Joshi. These will review the new SOA 12c features, focus on the changes to Service Bus which will be very relevant to administrators, look at improvements to EDN and describe the new MFT product.

As you might expect my interest mostly lies in the non-functional features of the platform, which happily has also been a focus for 12c under the moniker "Industrial SOA". Therefore I will be presenting some Oracle slides about changes in this area and will include some of my own 12c observations from project and O-box development work.

Enhanced Operations - SOA 12c

In the afternoon we will switch our attention to the SOA 12c upgrade process where I and the SIG committee will be running a hands-on lab. In this you will be given a SOA Suite 11g installation, with running instances, and upgrade it step by step to SOA 12c. All you will need to bring is a relatively modern laptop with at least 8GB (preferably 12GB) of memory and the latest version of VirtualBox installed (which will have required local administrator privileges). Or why not attend with a colleague and share a laptop between you?!

Finally Oracle will wrap up the day with a sneak peek of what's coming up in future SOA releases.

So if you can get to the Midlands next Wednesday I highly recommend you come along - I think we will all learn a lot :)


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