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OTN Appreciation Day: WLST - WebLogic's Swiss Army Knife!

Not wanting to be left out of all the fun, here's my contribution for Tim Hall's OTN Appreciation Day event...

For those of us that came from an Oracle Application Server (iAS/OC4J) background, and with maybe a particular OCD-style bent for automation, I think the the biggest discovery in WebLogic Server was WLST, or WebLogic Scripting Tool. This lets you access the underlying JMX management objects that control every facet of WebLogic via an easy to use tool Python (or, rather Jython, the java variant). Python itself is fairly popular these days but nearly 10 years ago it was a bit of a novelty for me but gave me lots more scripting flexibility and control compared to traditional shell script.

Anyway, for a couple of years I was touting a presentation called "WLST - WebLogic's Swiss Army Knife!" extolling the tool's virtues!

In short:

  • anything you can do "clicky-clicky" in the WebLogic console (and more!) you can do in a WLST script,
  • you can even record WLST, like you might for an MS Word macro, when you do some manual commands in the console (or EM FMWC these days) to give yourself a starting script to tweak,
  • Python gives you a rich programming environment for building modular scripts using helpful language constructs,
  • WLST can be used online or offline (which means with the Admin Server running or not) - offline a bit more restrictive but allows you to build pretty comprehensive configurations without running the server software itself,
  • WLST can be used for both configuring the WebLogic domain, as well as monitoring it when it's up (for example checking the number of messages in a JMS queue or connections in a data source pool),
  • Fusion Middleware products come with WLST libraries, e.g. Oracle SOA Suite includes WLST utilities for deploying composites.

There are probably lots of other nice things about WLST which will occur to me later but, other than Linux, it's probably the only platform tool I use at work most days.

And how is this topic related to the Oracle Technology Network? Well, I think the last time I delivered this presentation was on one of the whirlwind stops on the Nordic ACE Director Tour which is kindly sponsored by the rather wonderful Oracle ACE Program...

Strangely I found I'd never actually published it previously, other than on conference websites, so here it is now for posterity:

WLST: WebLogic's Swiss Army Knife from eProseed | Veriton



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