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How to create a Large Profile SOA 12c Repository running RCU in Silent Mode

One of the really nice features of SOA 12c is the ability to automatically create partitioned instance tables in the SOA repository. To do this you need to specify a LARGE "Database Profile" in RCU when you install the system:

Specifying Custom Variables in SOA 12c


Unfortunately none of the documentation that I found (even now, a year after SOA 12c was released) tells you how to do this when running RCU in silent mode. This might have been the obvious place to mention it:

On the RCU command line what you need to do is specify the SOA_PROFILE_TYPE variable (which sounds obvious once you know!), e.g.:

$ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin/rcu -silent -createRepository -connectString <db_connect_string> -dbUser <db_user> -dbRole <db_role> -useSamePasswordForAllSchemaUsers true -schemaPrefix <schema_prefix> -variables SOA_PROFILE_TYPE=LARGE <components> -f < <password_file>

The valid values, as the screen-shot above suggests, are LARGE, MED (not medium) and SMALL. LARGE is the only option to produce partitioned tables. Both MED and SMALL produce an identical SOAINFRA schema in the current release but I assume Oracle might be thinking of more optimisation options later.

Note: the O-box SOA appliance uses partitioned tables for the SOA repository by default - the Partitioning Option for the Oracle Database is relatively inexpensive and, even with the built-in repository purging scripts in 12c, setting up partitioning from the start is much easier than migrating later when a system is very busy or has grown dramatically in size. I'll write more about this another day.

Anyway, sorry it's taken me so long to get round to blogging about this but, if you're just now looking to provision SOA 12c automatically (and you should be of course!), this might save you an evening or so of reverse engineering RCU (a fairly thankless task I can tell you!) 


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