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Fusion Middleware Summer Camps - Lisbon 2014

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Summer Camps - Lisbon 2014

I've just returned home from a very busy week at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner summer camps in Lisbon so, since this was my first one, I thought I'd write a short summary of what the training was like.

The event was attended by over 100 delegates and had 4 parallel streams to choose from:

  • SOA 12c
  • BPM 12c
  • Fast Track SOA & BPM 12c
  • Mobile Hackathon

I attended the fast track combined course, which had been designed for experienced/11g specialized practitioners and was led by Niall Commiskey. It covered the changes in 12c for SOA (3 days), BPM/ACM (2 days) and included a section on upgrading from 11g.

Readers who work for Oracle middleware partners are likely to have come across Niall before - e.g. on previous courses, or perhaps watching his SOA 12c webcast ahead of its launch this summer. Niall is an Irishman living in Germany and his style is, let's say, "unique" amongst Oracle trainers. He has a very direct manner and will tell you exactly what he thinks of various product features, usually based on engagements with partners and customers. Niall will also often ask for delegates' opinions on features after he has explained them - the most acceptable answer is usually "das ist sehr gut"!

Fast Track SOA & BPM 12c - training room

I won't describe the detail of the course/labs other than to highlight one useful tip for Windows users that I didn't know about (I have always run middleware in Linux guest VMs). As you probably know both SOA & BPM 12c have "Quick start" installers which set up the all the components in a single WebLogic instance - they install in minutes and have very modest memory requirements (~4GB) compared to a full, production-style installation. The only downside on Windows is that by default JDeveloper will install its system data into the user's profile (<user>\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\...) whereas normally you want it to install into a specified directory so that you can have multiple products installed without them interfering with each other.

A better way to install the Quick Start on Windows is (with example directory names):

(as administrator)

set JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_65"
set MW_HOME=c:\oracle\product\bpm1213qs
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe -jar fmw_12.

(as regular user)

set MW_HOME=c:\oracle\product\soa1213qs
set WLS_REDIRECT_LOG=%JDEV_USER_DIR%\jdevserver.log
%MW_HOME%\jdeveloper\jdev\bin\jdev.exe -clean

I suspect, providing you unticked the box to start JDeveloper at the end of the installer, that -clean is redundant but probably just tells it to overwrite the jdev.conf file.

The result is that all the JDeveloper settings, including the domain for the integrated WebLogic Server instance, are stored under the "work" directory in the Oracle/middleware home. Whilst this would be undesirable for a test/production environment, it allows you to easily install both SOA and BPM on the same development machine.

Niall has a blog of various feature snippets, including dozens on 12c, at and it is well worth a look.

O-box Products

Jürgen Kress, the OFM Partner Community leader and organiser of this event, also invited me to speak for five minutes in each of the training streams about O-box and how it can help partners get their SOA projects into production more quickly. This lead to quite a few interesting conversations about the product.

Social Event

On the final evening Jürgen organised a very enjoyable social event: we were taken by coach into the town centre, saw the Belém Tower and aeroplane monument, and then had a boat trip along the coast with dinner. All very civilised and a great opportunity to talk to others working with Oracle middleware.

Monument to first South Atlantic plane flight
Monument to first South Atlantic flight
 Nico & Bruno on the boat
On the boat with Nico & Bruno from eProseed
For more photos from the training and boat trip see the SOA Community page on Facebook.

View from the boat


Overall I found the OFM 12c Summer Camp was a very productive use of 5 days - we covered a lot of ground technically and I met up with many of the leading SOA/BPM partners from across EMEA. Highly recommended!


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