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What was the "Mandatory Maintenance for Java Cloud Service" last night?

Had I been working in Operations and on-call at an organisation using Java Cloud Service then it appeared I may well have been rudely woken up last night!  

At around 2am in the UK this email innocently dropped into my mail box:

Upcoming Mandatory Maintenance notification

This warning of an impending outage to Java Cloud Service was closely followed by one for Database Cloud Service. Judging by the email - "during the maintenance your services will be unavailable" - it seems an hour and a half later the instance failure notifications (from Enterprise Manager or Nagios etc) would have probably started coming in.

Then at 4:36am I had an email to say my JCS was now available again, and 5:11am to say my DBCS was too so, a total outage according to the emails of just under 2 hours. However when it happened all of my Java and Database test instances (test) were down already but as far as I can tell no changes were actually made to them (they were not started up for example) - be sure to read my conclusions at the end of this post!

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SOA Cloud Service - initial impressions for SOA architects and administrators

Yesterday Oracle officially released their SOA Cloud Service (SOA-CS) - see the SOA team's blog post. As with Java Cloud Service (JCS) back in May I thought I'd write up my initial impressions, based on what I've learned so far about SOA-CS "on paper" and drawing on quite lot of hands-on experimentation with JCS.[Read More]

Java Cloud Service - detailed observations

I've been working with Oracle's full Java Cloud Service (JCS) for the past couple of months so thought this might be a good time to share a few observations, This blog post is mostly an informal list of observations and experiences - I am gradually refining my ideas into proper articles and presentations which I will publish over the coming months.JCS

Oracle PaaS Technical Architecture

My high level view of the technical architecture is as below:

OPC PaaS Technical Overview

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Postcard from Lisbon - Fusion Middleware Partner Summer Camps 2015

Last week I attended my second Oracle Fusion Middleware "summer camp" in Lisbon which this year, as you might expect, was themed around Oracle middleware cloud products. This is not a technical post - I have another Java Cloud Service (JCS) post in progress - but rather, how much it costs to go to the training, how you as an Oracle Partner might benefit from them, and whether you should aim to attend a future one.

Apparently this is the fifth summer camp now, though I have only attended the last two. They are organised by Jürgen Kress from the EMEA Oracle Middleware Partner team, under the umbrella term of "Partner Enablement", i.e. making sure partners have the skills and tools to sell and deploy Oracle products effectively for customers.

Oracle office, Lagoas Park, Lisbon
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Deploying SOA across Active-Active Data Centres

I've recently started on another active-active SOA infrastructure project and thought I'd share a few introductory notes since it's a relatively new topic in the context of Fusion Middleware.

Over recent years within Europe some customers have accepted a close geographic distance (e.g. 15 km) between data centres in return for a high bandwidth, low latency interconnect (typically ‘dark’ or dedicated fibre). This is to enable them to share normal production workload across both sites – so called "active/active" data centres – which is contrary to the traditional approach of having a highly segregated Disaster Recovery (DR) site (an "active/standby" topology).

Fibre connections within a DC (not DWDM ;-) ) 

This post discusses some of the subtleties of SOA active-active topologies which Oracle infrastructure architects must consider.

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